Underhell Wiki

Prologue Release Date
March 4th, 2011
Chapter 1 Release Date
September 1st, 2013
First-person shooter, Action, Adventure, Horror

Underhell is a Source Mod powered by Source Engine 2007. It is almost entirely developed by Mxthe (excluding the Music Composer, Coder, and Voice actors) and is a community mod, taking assets (with permission) from other developers of Source Mods. It's main genre is an action packed Prologue to an Adventure Survival-Horror under First-Person Shooter.

Underhell is a unique type of game in comparison to many modifications, indie games, or even real games in modern generation of video games. Underhell is about telling an interesting story while having solid gameplay.

Underhell Development Team

Underhell Soundtrack is entirely composed by Tom Stoffel:

The Prologue Soundtrack

Chapter One Soundtrack (avaliable for purchasing on bandcamp.com).

Voice Actors/Actresses [Information on who they voice for is included]


Prologue: We Have a Situation

On September 13th, 2013, an explosion was reported in the city. Following the event, a group of heavily armed terrorists have seized the hospital and all it's occupants. SWAT operative Jake Hawkfield receives a call from his boss, Frank to come to the police station. Upon arrival, both Jake and Frank had boarded a Black Hawk and made their way towards the hospital. During this time Frank has breifed Jake on the current situation and mission. Jake's role on the mission was to serve as a sniper facing the front of the hospital. But Jake will find out that this is no ordinary hostage situation.

*Full synopsis here*

Chapter One: Welcome to Underhell

Jake is taken into custody to the A.R.C. Detention Establishment in via helicopter. A couple of days later, things get fucked up for Jake as he tries to escape with the help of a group of security guards. After turning off the power on Level 0, Jake works his way to the Maintenance Area to reboot the generator. Afterwards, Jake and the survivors move to Level 1. Jake then searches the West Wing for a way to head up to next level. He finds a couple of keycards for the elevators, and heads up to Level 2.

*Full synopsis here*

Chapter Two: The Dead City

Jake is taken to the Police Station for interrogation on what happened in the A.R.C. But The City is overrun and Jake will do everything he can to survive.

*Full synopsis here*

Chapter Three: The Arrival

<To be announced>

Chapter Four: Unveiling

<To be announced>

Epilogue: She

<To be announced>