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Thomas Hawkfield
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Thomas "Tom" Hawkfield is a character in Underhell. He is the father of Jake Hawkfield, as well as an old friend of Jake's mentor, Frank Greene. He is heard in Jake's dreams talking to Frank about an incident that Jake barely made out alive and asked Frank to take care of Jake for him because he has to go into hiding.

He is also known as the 'Western Janus'.



Tom is the head of the Posterus Project.


Prologue: We Have a Situation[]

Chapter One: Welcome to Underhell[]


Frank Greene[]

Thomas was a close friend and former partner Frank Greene.

Jake Hawkfield[]

Thomas had to leave Jake many years earlier for he had to go into hiding. Due to this, Jake knows very little about his father and instead formed a strong friendship with Frank and viewed him as a father figure.

Mia Kitano[]

Mia is Tom's co-worker.

Personality and skills[]

Behind the scenes[]

Tom is modelled after the young Dr. Breen.


  • "Duality. My life seems to be full of parallel events. Intricately connected, guiding me step by step, fortelling my actions, robbing me of my free will. On one side I have my work that will help billions and probably save mankind from being annihilated by their own mistakes. And on the other, I am the father of a dying child."
  • "The bond between my coworkers and I...it goes beyond anything that I have ever seen. Especially her. We all know what we have to do. We all know there is no other choice. If only he could see it. The 'Eastern Janus' they call him. My opposite. It seems they forget we are on the same side. One problem, two opposite solutions that cannot coexist."
  • "With nearly unlimited resources and with the best minds working at my side, I still cannot save my own son. How could I possibly save the world? While Posterus could very well be his salvation, it may also seal his doom."
  • "Like brothers they go in pairs as if they were attracted to each other by a bond of friendship. They just seem to understand one another without having to speak. This bond can be very dangerous if one were to perish, as we had the misfortune to witness. They look so much like him. It's killing me to do this to them. I couldn't handle it without her. I couldn't handle it without Mia."


  • On a piece of mail, Thomas Hawkfield was refered only to as "Tom" instead of his full first name.
  • Tom can be heard within Jake's Dreams.