The Livingroom is inside The House, it is adjacent to The rest of The House. The Livingroom contains no scares within the Prologue, however it does contain several events. The Livingroom also has a Piano, TV, Phone, Closet, and "Her Chest".

Items FoundEdit


  • On a rare event, trash will be found in The Living Room.
  • On some events, the Piano will play but as soon as the player enters the room it stops.
  • Rarely, when walking near the piano, the top will close violently 
  • Sometimes when you answer the phone in The Living Room, the windows will shatter, you'll hear a low-pitched moan/scream. The player then wakes up, this can also happen in The Kitchen.
  • TV can turn on for no reason
  • When you look at the TV, rarely will it show "Her" standing behind you. Turning around during this event will cause her to spawn behind you, after which you wake up in the bed.
  • When you answer the phone, the house can start shaking
  • Ocassionally the TV will show a mirrored image of the kitchen 
    Kitchen show