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The kick's power and blur effects

The Kick is Underhell's version of a melee attack that is triggered (by default) by the Q key.


This front kick can be used anywhere except for The House (outside the Tutorial) and is rather devastating. It has extremely high damage output, though it uses up a lot of stamina. The resulting force of the kick can propel a target's ragdoll as far as 3 meters from the player. It can also be used to clear (breakable) obstacles, or to kick open doors.

Kicking a heavily damaged enemy can cause him to gib completely, leaving only a bloody torso amidst a large mess of body parts.

In Chapter One, the kick's power output is now affected by the player's momentum. For example, a sprinting, jumping kick is a lot more effective than a standing front kick.

The Kick tutorial.

Despite it's huge stopping power, kicking is usually ill-advised in intense combat situations as the attack's range is very short and since the player cannot move while kicking, the target can safely get out of range and follow up with a counterattack.

The player is heavily vulnerable during the process and cannot turn or move. Currently equipped weapons are still usable.

Kicking causes the screen to shake and may blur (pictured above).


  • The Kick can be used to break down certain doors. This can be exploited to acquire the otherwise unobtainable 357 revolver.