The Bedroom is a room in The House. It is adjacent to the rest of The House. It's also where Jake sleeps at night.

Items FoundEdit


  • If the player decides to throw away Her Box in the dumpster outside, it will reappear in The Bedroom exactly where it was.
  • The Music Box will randomly play on it's own. It does not matter if it's broken or fixed. Even if not fixed it will still sounds as if it was.
  • Sometimes, all the cabinets in the room will fling open then the Music Box will activate. Upon arrival to the room, "She" will float towards the door and disappear.
  • She can be seen on the bed for a second, when you enter the room.
  • She can appear in front of player's face when you enter the room. 
  • She can stand near the window when exiting the attic or entering the room.

All cabinets opened and the music box playing on its own.

Oh hi there

Sitting on the bed for a split second.

When you enter the bedroom (1)

Standing in the doorway when the player enters the room.


  • If the player attempts to sleep right the moment the day/night transition occurs, the game will think it is still daytime and will not let the player sleep. Scares are still scripted to play, however. This can be fixed by loading The House from the main menu.
  • If the player activates The Bathroom scare and immediately attempts to sleep before Jake is caught, She will still be inside The Bathroom when the player wakes up. However, the door will be closed and cannot be opened, therefore preventing Jake from being captured.