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The Bathroom is a room in The House. The Bathroom is located upstairs in The House and is adjacent to The Bedroom. It is also the room where Jake's Wife died. It is currently accessible only during the Bathroom scare.

Items Found[]

  • Unknown.


  • At Night, if the player is inside the closet that leads up to the attic "She" will sometimes open
    She is here.jpg
    The Bathroom Door and chase the player around The House.

After the encounter, she can be heard scratching on The Bathroom Door.


  • If you attempt to open the bathroom door, you will receive a message saying: "I don't want to go in there." This is most likely because it is believed that "she" died in there.
  • Should the player enter the room after avoiding "Her" during the scare
    , "She" will emerge from the bathtub and grab them.
  • If you use console commands to give yourself a weapon and you then shoot "Her" during the bathroom scare you will get "grabbed" by "Her."

Almost dead.jpg

  • Running water can be heard occasionally.