Special Weapons And Tactics

Type of faction / orginization

Special police unit



The SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) is a major law enforcement faction seen in the Underhell Prologue, Jake Hawkfield himself was an elite operative for 2 years. Their arsenal consists of: the Baton and Heckler & Koch MP5. The SOCOM and Sniper Rifle are also included, however they are only used by Jake in the Game.

Known UnitsEdit


  • "That's as far as we'll go sir, we'll wait for backup and secure this location...You go on ahead...Good Luck !"
  • "Hey glad to see you...We have reports that there might be some civilians in this mall...Our orders are to take them to safety and to assist you, so you lead the way..."
  • "We could evac the civilians through the windows..."
  • "Lead the way Sir..."
  • "You scared me...Thought you were one of them...As soon as we got down here they blew up the stairs and we've been pinned down between the fire and those guys...Look we have no idea what's going on..."
  • "We were told to clear the mall, We got down there and we've had no communications ever since...Let's just stick together until the communications are back online...You lead the way..."
  • "We should push deeper into the parking lot, we must find out what they are doing down there..."
  • "Alright, we have searched the entire mall. There are no remaining hostages..."
  • "Hello, can anyone hear this? This is squad DELTA 3, we are stuck in the parking of the mall, they got us pinned down here..."
  • "Apparently they are converging to the lower floor of the parking...If anyone can hear this please...We need backup...NOW!"


  • In the chapter "We have a Situation", if any surviving SWAT is still following Jake toward's the near end of the second map, they will stop following Jake and tell him that they'll wait for backup while Jake advances ahead.
  • SWAT NPCs are continuously and infinitely spawned inside the Mall to assist Jake in rescuing the Civilians. They stops spawning when the enemy Blackhawk attacks the building. Only a maximum of 3 SWATs can be alive at any moment.
  • The SWAT Voice Overs consist of two sets: Story and Contextual. Story Voice Overs are completly voiced by Stig Finsen Sydtangen for cutscenes and such. The Contextual Voice Overs however are ripped from a game and is used for their generic responses.
  • In map 1 of the Prologue, if the player chooses to enter the Hospital through the catwalk on the side, other SWAT NPCs would be removed to balance out the combat.
  • Jake uses a SWAT character model with sunglasses whenever he appears as an NPC during the Prologue missions.