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The Riot Shield is a weapon in Underhell. It is used by the PMCs to defend against small impacts and lower caliber bullets such as 9mm. It is also very clear and can be seen through, providing the user with a good visual report of his surroundings.

Unlike the metal Ballistic Shield, the Riot Shield is made of plexiglass and is therefore, breakable after sustaining enough damage. Also, the shield itself is relatively small and as a result, cannot effectively protect the user's legs from damage. A quick (but dangerous) way of dispatching Riot Shield users is to kick them at point-blank range, shattering the shield and killing whoever is behind it. Alternatively, the player can just blast at the enemy's legs with a shotgun or roll a grenade towards him, obviating the need for a close-range kick.

It is relatively light, so mobility isn't usually a problem.