Ian Wiese is a voice actor in Underhell. He has voiced for other projects as well.

Voices the following:Edit


  • <None>

Chapter One

Voices in other modsEdit

1187 [A Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod]Edit

  • Michael "Mike" Goldsmith

Triage [A Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod]Edit

  • Rebel Commander

Half-Life 2 Short Stories: Human Error [A Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod]Edit

  • Alien Controllers
  • Anders [co-op mode]
  • Co-op Mode Introduction Narration

Deep Resonance [A Half-Life 2 mod]Edit

  • Viktor
  • Alexios

Command and Conquer 3: The Forgotten [A Command and Conquer 3 mod]Edit

  • Fissure Tank
  • Engineer

Titan: XCIX [A Half-Life 2: Episode 2 mod]Edit

  • Engineer Price

Triptych [A Crysis mod]Edit

  • Orne

Cry of Fear [A Half-Life mod]Edit

  • Swedish Police Officers [co-op mode]

The Trap [A Half-Life mod]Edit

  • Generic Voices

The Adventures Saga [Machinima]Edit

  • Richard Head
  • Interviewer #1

Ultimate Empire at War [A Star Wars: Empire at War mod]Edit

  • Trailer Narrator