Grenades are throwable explosives used by the PMC and Jake Hawkfield. They closely resembles the Mk.2 "Pineapple" Frag Grenades used by the USMC.

Frag sprite

Enormously powerful, the grenades can be very destructive if thrown correctly, blowing apart dozens of hostiles if bunched closely together. However, these grenades work both ways, as a loose throw can easily send the explosives back the thrower's way, blowing him to bits, so it is not just simple aim and throw.

Using frags against moving targets and targets that are out in the open is usually inadvisable, as grenades bounces wildly when thrown, and 9 times out of 10 they will land very far away from the intended target, so it should only used to flush out enemies in cover or those who are in tight/cramped corridors.

Although widely effective in tight places such as narrow hallways and chokepoints, throwing should only be attempted if there is enough space between the player and his/her target. Throwing while crouching greatly improves the accuracy of these projectiles.

An often overlooked way of mastering these lethal explosives is to throw them at walls or flat surfaces adjacent to the desired target. Tossing directly works, but bouncing them yields even greater results.

As of Chapter 1 the Grenades is no longer a actual weapon and is replaced with a throw button.


  • The grenades can be used to eliminate Frank's assassin, although great precision is required for it to be effective. Also, there are civilians present during the chase, so to avoid unwanted casualties, it is best not to use these grenades at all while in the hallways.
  • These frag grenades cannot be cooked.