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The Motion Detector Mounted Gatling Turret is a weapon used by the PMCs. Three of them were set up to keep Jake Hawkfield and the rest of the SWAT from getting to the bottom floor of The Parking Garage.

Unlike other weapons, the Gatling Turret is uncontrollable. It's function is to deny entry to a specific area and/or eliminate targets.


Prologue: We Have a Situation[]

Three turrets were set up near the bottom of the Parking Garage to keep Jake from getting to the bottom floor. Jake drives a humvee through the barricade later on.

Chapter One: Welcome to Underhell[]

2 Gatling turrets are seen in the South Wing Core Access on Level 2 when the PMCs send backup. 2 more are seen in the Assembly Access in the Lower Labs when Jake is fighting Marcus. Another 2 turrets are seen in the North Wing Core Access on the same level when the PMCs are attacking Jake, Bryan and Matthew.


  • The Gatling turrets bears an uncanny resemblance to the M-5 Sentry Guns of the Call of Duty series.
  • The Gatling turrets also appear in another project by Mxthe, "SMOD: Troopers".