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The Gas is an opaque, copper-brown chemical weapon found in Underhell. It is used by the PMCs to eliminate specific targets for infection and is considered to be highly toxic.

Jake was one of the victims of the gas, but not one of the intended targets. Instead of killing him, it causes severe hallucination and violent physical exertion, as seen through Jake's eyes when he bursts out of the chamber and (presumably) kills everyone inside the complex. It also causes him to blackout after the massacre. Whether or not this is a side-effect of the bio-chemical agent is unknown.

Masahiro Ito uses the gas on Jake and Mia in the A.R.C., but Jake puts his gas mask on Mia to protect her. Jake then passes out from Ito's attempt at the gas. Mia is later rescued by Raito, and the Hermit takes Jake to his lair.



  • The erattic coughing and hyperactivity bears several simiarities to the real-life neurotoxin V-X, only less deadly.
  • According to Terry's words, some people are immune to the gas, not just Jake, and scientists are using them as lab rats while trying to find the cure from the infection.