Frank's assassin is a known ACE that appeared at the appartment adjacent to the Parking Garage near the Mall. He shot down Frank Greene's UH-60 Blackhawk from behind using an RPG, thus killing the pilot and (presumably) Frank himself.

When Jake Hawkfield enters the appartment to pursue the killer, the assassin displays several unusual traits witnessed by Jake and other Citizens. These traits involve high stamina, speed, and physical strength. During the chase he is seen busting through walls and at one point jumping through a ceiling to reach the next floor. He can even jump the height of five stories, from the building's roof down to the streets below unharmed.

If the player (Jake) were to persist chasing him to the roof of the building, he has the option to either kill the assailant by shooting the gas canisters on the balcony where he enters the building from, or simply let him get away. Either option leads to the same outcome and does not affect the Prologue in anyway.

Character IdentificationEdit

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Nationality: Unknown
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Date of Death: October 13th, 2013 (Determinant)
  • Status: Determinant by Player (Alive/Deceased)
  • Affiliation:
    • Unknown



Frank's Assassin has a Photo Gallery.

Trivia/Known BugsEdit

  • Frank's Assassin has a black, faint Combine Civil Authority print on his right shoulder.
  • Frank's Assassin utilizes a black-colored NeoTokyo Model.
  • The assassin is likely mechanical, as he has little trouble smashing through walls and surviving large falls. The fact that he has to be taken down by an explosive supports this theory.
  • The gas canisters cannot be blown up until the assassin had jumped off the roof.
  • Frank's Assassin can be killed by any explosive based damage.
  • This character is not actually an NPC, but a prop_dynamic set on a track path.
  • The Assassin was first seen carrying an RPG, but during the chase he has switched to a different weapon, possibly a shotgun if the player pays enough attention as he dashes away rather quickly.
  • Before Frank gets shot down, the apartment building doors are opened but the assassin does not appear until the cutscene.
    • However, due to the new features from Chapter One, it can be implied that the assassin had his cloaking device on before shooting down the chopper.
  • The player cannot enter the apartment building until the cutscene involving the assassin ends.
  • The chase only begins if Jake enters the corridor where he was standing. Entering the apartment complex from other directions (via cheats) will not start the sequence.