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Lasts for

90 seconds

Attracts enemies




Spawn rate

Fairly common

The Flare is an item to light Jake's path in the dark for a short while. They are not very common in the Prologue missions and are only encountered in a deployed/popped state. However, they are quite abundant in some of Jake's Dreams and are required to complete the first room in the dream sequence. There's also a rather big box of flares in the Barn's closet, which can be used to access the Tunnels by dropping them into the Well

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In Chapter One, the flare is useable by the player as a melee weapon that illuminates the immediate area around the player with red light. It is very detectable to enemies, and attracts infected. Similar to a flashlight, the player can only wield melee weapons, the Glock 17, and the Beretta while carrying the flare as a weapon. The player can swing the flare while they are carrying it, igniting enemies and causing minor amounts of immediate blunt damage. Once the flare runs out, it is automatically dropped. The player can also throw the flare while it is equipped, which also ignites enemies and drops the flare as a physics object. Once thrown/dropped, a flare cannot be picked back up again.

They are found as items in pouches. Interacting with them adds three flares to the player's inventory. If they do not have enough free inventory space to carry all three flares, any flares that do not fit in the player's inventory are dropped as physics objects and will ignite if interacted with.