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The Axe is a melee weapon in Underhell Chapter One. It can be used by Jake Hawkfield, and is rarely wielded by Infected.


The axe is the heaviest-hitting melee weapon, but takes up a large amount of stamina per swing and is slower than other melee weapons. One to two hits to the body will kill most enemies, and a single hit can lop the limbs off the infected.

If you swing wildly, you'll soon find yourself out of stamina. Pace yourself, take careful aim, and swing once. A blow to the head will instantly kill enemies without helmets. If you can't hit the head, you could aim for an infected's arm to cut it off and make them less effective.


  • The Axe can be used to barricade the door after escaping the horde at the end of the scripted sequence in the Level 0 North Wing. Doing so will cause you to lose the Axe but will save Carl from dying.